Harbour for the web is finally here. It took years to understand what we really need and how to implement it. But the Harbour for the web momentum, the xbase developers web momentum, has finally arrived.

mod Harbour is an extension module for Apache that provides full support to execute PRGs and HRBs files from the web.

If you are a Windows developer, you can build the web from your Windows 10 and then simply run your PRGs on Edge or Chrome powered by Apache on the Windows 10 using the mod Harbour extension. When everything is ready, simply take your PRGs to your dedicated Windows web server or to a dedicated Linux server where you can install the mod Harbour for Apache.

Windows 10 bash support

The Windows 10 WSL (Windows SubSystem for Linux) lets you use Ubuntu 18.04 (about 200 mb) from your Windows 10 bash and install Apache and MySQL server on it. Detailed instructions are provided in the mod Harbour repo wiki. Use Windows 10 to develop your Harbour web apps.

OSX support

The mod Harbour is already available for the Macs With an easy to use installer that sets up everything for you.

Linux support

mod Harbour versions for Ubuntu and CentOS 7 are already available. Use Ubuntu from your Windows 10 bash, code your PRGs from Windows 10 using your favorite source code editor and run the PRGs from Edge or Chrome. Apache server and MySQL server from Ubuntu give you all you need. The perfect environment for creating web applications using Harbour in record time.

// typicall Harbour PRG running on the web

function Main()

   ? "Hello world"
return nil   

DBFs support

Have your DBFs running on the web today. Simply copy them to /var/www/test in the Apache server, set the right permissions for the test folder and you are ready to go. Please read the detailed instructions here. Please review samples/dbedit.prg and dbrowse.prg and use them as templates.

MySQL support

If you prefer to use MySQL then mod Harbour has everything you need for it. Please review samples/mysql.prg for a complete example that you can use as a template.

Apache API support functions

mod Harbour provides you easy to use functions that deliver all the Apache API power to your apps. Check the user IP, check if the user is doing a GET or a POST. Retrieve the provided parameters from the browsers, and moreā€¦ Review the samples and start developing your web apps using Harbour today!

Are you ready for this long awaited revolution ? Join us and help making this dream come true !!!